Tools and Extras
Tools and Extras

With Colarusso Rent you can hire 180 cm forks extensions: suitable for electric or diesel forklifts up to 4 tons, Ce certified, with safety pins. 

You can also rent portable fuel tanks, both diesel than gasoline ones. Dimensions: width 46 cm, depth 36 cm, height 90 cm, net weight 9 kg; built in extra strong Pvc they may contain 110 lt, manual pumping, 3 mt pipe with manual dispensing, 2 anti-drilling wheels and a comfortable handle to move around. Ce and airport-areas approved.
Or dimensions: width 182 cm, depth 105 cm, height 129 cm, net weight 309 cm.

Body and frame can be hooked by crane or forklift, max content 900 lt, 12 v electric pumping and dispensing with 4 mt, Ce certification, approved for airport areas and with mandatory 30 months test.

Portable fuel tanks rental

  • 110 lt content
  • Ce Certified
  • portable and movable
  • manual pumping

Fuel tanks rental

  • 900 lt content
  • Ce certified
  • electric pumping
  • liters counter
  • 30 months mandatory tested

Wood panels rental (a.k.a plywood) in Rome

These stratified panels (dimensions 244*122*2,5 cm) can be destined to cover delicate floors or to smooth a slippery one; each panel has a net weight of 60 kg.

Metallic and modular fences rental

(dimensions 335*200 cm) provided with feet ballasts.

Metallic barriers rental (dimensions 200/220 * 110 cm)

Counterweights – ballasts rental in 400 / 500 / 1250 / 1700 kg size available

Waiter containers rental

Waiter containers rental pallet mounted empty weight 80 kg, maximum weight 1180 kg.