Aerial platforms
Aerial platforms

Aerial lifts hire in Rome by Colarusso Rent is your solution for lifting 1 or 2 workers in safely height. We offer electric, diesel, single person, automotive or stationaries. We are specialized in renting aerial lifts in Rome.

In our product range you can find:

  • one person electric semi-stationary aerial work up to 14 mt of working height
  • automotive electric and diesel scissors
  • automotive electric and diesel booms
  • truck mounted platforms (car licence) up to 20 mt

Please notice that according to Italian Laws operator must be able to show a valid licence and to work with a safety kit updated and complete.

One person electric vertical lifters rental Genie, AWP 30 and AWP 40

Minimum size, highly safe, available up to 11,29 or 14,29 mt lift height.

One person electric vertical lifter rental for low height

  • very compact

  • feet height at 2,90 mt

  • load capacity 150 kg

Electric scissor lifts rental:

  • from 8 to 12 mt lift capacity 

  • ce certified with updated annual inspections

  • safety tools equipped

Telescopic and articulated booms rental

  • from 14 to 24 mt (feet height) Genie 

  • compact sizes

  • ce certified

  • safety tools equipped

  • electric,diesel or hybrid versions available

Track mounted (a.k.a “spider”) 23 mt access platform

gasoline or electric traction to fit in any workshop, super compact dimensions: 198 cm height and 585 lenght.

Truck mounted diesel platform 18 mt feet height rental: 

  • telescopic or articulated boom

  • car driving licence required

  • CE certified with updated annual inspections

  • delivered or withdrawned directly to our site

  • operators available too